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The Ultimate Guide to Healing Yourself

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Healing Yourself.

An ongoing series on beginning the complete and holistic process of healing yourself.



1: The Mind.

“The Mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.” ~ Osho

The mind is a very important tool when it comes to healing yourself as every thought (you think) translates into a chemical reaction, which turns into an emotion and causes a physiological response in your body.

Depending upon the “quality” of your thoughts, whether they are positive and uplifting, or negative and depressing, your body will react with either improved health, or failing health.

Consider the following examples from the medical journals:

  • A man who died soon after hearing he had incurable cancer, even though his autopsy revealed he had been misdiagnosed.
  • A woman whose long-term depression disappeared during an antidepressant drug trial in which she was sure that she was receiving the active drug, only to find she was part of the placebo group.
  • A group of veterans who has severe walking disabilities due to osteoarthritis, who regained complete pain-free mobility after a surgeon performed fake surgery — making small incisions in their knees and then stitching them back up without doing anything else.

On average, we think about 50,000 thoughts per day, but unfortunately, most of these thoughts are unconscious and negative. Such thoughts are filled with worry, anxiety and fear. As you can imagine, these negative thoughts are not conducive for healing yourself.

We can learn to create new neural pathways (thoughts) and make new neural connections so that we can break the habit of being our old selves, and create new beliefs. A strong and positive (healing) belief, triggers chemical reactions in your body that will affect your immune system in a positive way, making it possible for your body to move towards greater health.

There are three key steps to gaining the cooperation from the body:

  • Approach your body with love and compassion, understanding that it is made up of conscious cells who experience emotions, just like you.
  • Build trust by having internal conversations with your body, about you two collaborating and cooperating in order to overcome the ailment.
  • Allow for changes in the dialogue by using different thoughts and words that result in spontaneous elevated emotions.


2. Sunshine is Good!

Soaking up the sun moderately is a healthy thing.

Exposure to the sun encourages a better mental state, and affects the body’s production of melatonin which results in more restful sleep. It’s also needed for the body in order to produce vitamin D, a hugely vital nutrient not frequently available in food, which supports cardiovascular health, bone health, and the immune system health.

Sun exposure also has an indirect effect on hormones. Vitamin D binds to the proteins in the blood. Here it travels through the circulatory system to various organs, in order to support a number of essential functions. Without this, your endocrine system, which is completely in charge of your hormones, is adversely affected.

Try to get about 30 minutes of direct sun-on-skin exposure at least a few times a week.


3. Take A Deep Breath

Taking a Deep breath is the quickest and surest way to release the anxiety pressure valve.

“Fear is Excitement without the Breath”

The emphasis here is on “Right Breathing”. Stress causes rapid and shallow breathing – this is you body’s ‘fight or flight’ reactionary response . Correct deep breathing, or abdominal breathing, naturally engages the body’s internal relaxation response. This calms you, gives you a moment to pause, stop the reactive response, and reduces that initial intense tension that stress brings on. Correct breathing will immediately improve your mood and even helps in repairing your immune systems.

Rapid and shallow breathing increases the carbon dioxide flow to our blood and this in turn reduces oxygen flow to our brains. This unhealthy increase in CO2 will make us feel exhausted, even depressed. Substantial increase in CO2, will induce anxiety and panic attacks, and for some even debilitating phobias. You need to immediately stop and breathe deeply. This is super nourishing for your nervous system.


4. Drink up and Stay hydrated.

Some estimates suggest that upto 75 percent of people suffer from chronic dehydration. Dehydration affects health in multiple ways. Dehydration not only exhausts your energy levels and adversely affects every process in your body, including tissue and bone regeneration, it also blocks your natural detoxification processes, and weakens your immune system, and much more. The blinking of your eyes to the beating of your heart requires water.

There is absolutely no substitute. Coffee, sodas, and energy drinks, are to be avoided as much as possible, as they are bad hydrators. They will cause your body to lose water. Instead, you need to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. So, if you weigh 180 pounds, drink 90 ounces of water EVERYDAY!


5. The Purpose. Find Yours.

“The Purpose of life, is a life of purpose”

Life can be overwhelming. If you’re not excited (or at least enthusiastic) when you wake up in the morning — then you’re most likely not living your highest purpose. When you’re Living a life of Purpose, you wake up excited in the morning because a personally exciting life greets you.

It’s not hard to find your purpose. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, focus on and cultivate your strengths. This will make you feel extraordinary. Now use your strengths to do things that excite you, and witness your confidence rise, as fulfilment appears within you. Finally, add service to other people in this mix, your purpose will appear before you!


You need to slow down when healing yourself but don’t stop living life either. While healing yourself, there is a great opportunity to truly live and explore life, on a much deeper level than you might realize. While in a state of healing, the body and mind often then go into deeper states of awareness. As your body and mind are focused on healing, you can focus your senses in a new manner. You are now able to live with heightened senses. You might feel a little worn out from the healing process, so you aren’t going to be leaping around. However, the expanded awareness that comes with healing yourself, will allow you to live in deeper and more profound ways.

There are both inner and outer challenges in life. When we find the balance between these challenges, it becomes possible to find grace. Trying to resolve our inner issues with outer solutions often creates an impediment in our healing process.

Work towards finding inner peace. This will ease and accelerate the healing process. Don’t insist defining yourself based on others.

<3 & light…

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