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The Empath and The Narcissist

The empath and narcissist have a strange and strong attraction.

An attraction, which is often misunderstood and mis-labeled, to be avoided, and run away from.

In truth, the empath is the healer, while the narcissist is in need of healing. They share a divine symbiotic relation.

They both are present in each of us, two aspects of the same being, our yin and yang.

When our empathetic side gets attracted to the narcissistic side of another, it results in a shared healing experience. The empath provides much needed help that the narcissist needs. And in return, the narcissist reflects the hidden (narcissistic) injuries within the empath, the gift of awareness.

When you find a narcissistic personality in your life, never think of it as the whole being. Rather, a sign that this aspect of the being is in need of desperate help, and has come to your empathetic side for healing.

We must never turn them away empty-handed. For we too shall need the same loving support and nurturing help, in a time.

Often the narcissist tires to inflict pain on the empath. Much like an injured animal might attack it’s rescuer. But the empathetic healer, naturally has access to an unending reservoir of love, compassion, patience, and courage.
This helps them to be unafraid of the injured, and provide the medicine that only they, can and must provide, in this divinely fair exchange.

The empath needs to take a break, to rest and recharge, as they patiently deal with this dense energy pattern. Sometimes, deep seated narcissism cannot be healed by a single empath, and they may need to walk away, in order to allow other empaths to help complete the healing process.

Finally, the empath must use the insights gained (reflected), to begin to heal their own narcissistic side.

We must embrace both these sides within us, and especially in the perceived other.

Love & Light..

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