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  • Olivia Wood Healing
    • Healing Modality: Yoga

    Namaste and many thanks for taking the time out of your day to look at my profile. Here's a little background on ME ... I am a Tantra Yoga teacher, Raynor Massage therapist, Siddha Kundalini channel, and alternative health & wellbeing e [...]

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  • Steve Williams

    • Location: United States
    • Healing Modality: Psychology

    Hi, My name is Steve Williams. I practice a healing modality called White Fire Healing. It is a healing modality that I learned directly from Spirit in 2011. It is a healing modality that I use to heal any physical, mental or emotional turmoil or [...]

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  • Aalok Sood

    • Location: New Delhi
    • Healing Modality: Reiki, Tarot, Numerology, Directive Communication Psychology

    Aalok has in his repertoire 27 years of a disciplined Army life. He is a Double Bachelors and a Double Masters (BSc Hons, BTech, MTech, MBA), and holds a Diploma in Senior Level Defence Management. He, has to his credit, interactions, both in Indi [...]

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  • Nilu Shakti

    • Location: Noida, India
    • Healing Modality: Reiki, Chakra

    Nilu Shakti is a Master Healer & Teacher of over 20 years. She has initiated many seekers across the globe. Her mission is to promote healing worldwide [...]

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