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  • Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst

    • Location: United States
    • Healing Modality: Reiki, Spiritual Alchemy, Karma, Chakra, Theta Healing, Angel Healing, Alchemy, Polarity Therapy

    I work on an intuitive, highly connected level with what others have called "a healing gift". I hold the space of unconditional love in which others essentially reconnect to their own healing, balance and wholeness. I am able to positively affect bod [...]

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  • Bio Regenesis Therapy
    • Healing Modality: Spiritual Alchemy

    Bio-Regenesis Therapy is an energy modality proven to get results. It works with the DNA, chakra system and meridians that make up the energy body -- the blueprint of life that contains all the information about your health and illness. These session [...]

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