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Healing Circles are curated Healing Ceremonies, periodically organised with a select group of Healers of varied Healing Modalities like Crystal, Energy, Sound and Mantra Healing, together they heal a Mandala (Collection) of Crystals using a Master Crystal Grid. The Crystal Mandala consists of Receiving Crystals, which are then sent to seekers around the world.

The Master Healing Crystal Grid sits at the center of the Healing Mandala, during the Healing Circle, all Crystals in the Mandala are quantumly entangled to the Master Grid. This allows for the healing energy to flow to each receiving crystal within the Mandala. When the receiving crystal leaves the mandala and travels to the seeker, it will continue to resonate with the Healing Energy transferred and stored within it during the Healing Circle.

Every time the Master Gird is healed (charged) during subsequent Healing Circles, the receiving crystal receives the healing energy, irrespective of the time and space between it and the Master Grid.
Thus, all crystals in the mandala are forever linked using quantum entanglement, and resonate charged energy with every subsequent healing circle.


Next Healing Circle begins in:

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