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Stroud Healer Where is the Healer? Ah! He is here within.

Stroud Healer

53 Cainscross Road, Stroud, UK


I am a healer.

I would like to work with you.

My primary reason for getting up in the mornings is to raise my vibration and the planets vibration through continuous loving acts.

How did I become a healer? First there is a recognition that we are not alone in the universe. I always believed in angels, loved church as a child. For the capacities developed in this regard I thank the MER KA BA. What is the MER KA BA? Fundamentally the Mer Ka Ba (Light Body or Light Vehicle) is a vehicle of unconditional and powerful love and it allows us (our consciousness) to move easily between dimensions. When I first started using the Mer Ka Ba, I noticed all sorts of things changing and happening within me and around me. I was able to activate my Kundalini and my chakras.  I realised that this light body is driven by Divine Love (God). I have a certain clairvoyance which I call seeing and I am able to communicate with angels and other beings. I don’t communicate with the dead as that is not my path so I am not a psychic or a channel.

So what I do is perceive your most important faults and bring them into alignment with this Divine energy that I call God, you may wish to call it Source or Universe. This Divine energy has within it all the answers known to man and contains the very matrix in which we live. I call this matrix simply energy but it has many other names.

When you come to me asking for help and I feel I can help you then we immediately enter into a relationship as a healer and patient/client. Then through that relationship we move around the issues that are bringing you suffering. I have healed many people and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Healing is not an exact science so please don’t ask me whether it worked. Go home and observe the changes that have been wrought. The changes will begin higher up and will move to where they are needed most.

I first began to notice that I had some abilities in this regard when I was working as a chiropractor in a busy clinic in the East Midlands. I was beginning to see/feel peoples energies and I discovered that I could feel their symptoms without them telling me about it. I got very sick before I managed to control these energies and stop them from resonating with me. Energy forms the backdrop of everything and is made up of love. When we enter into this backdrop it is through love and in no other way is it possible.

I am a qualified chiropractor and so I have this scientific background which always likes to question things. So I have questioned my own abilities and experiences. There is no way to unequivocally prove that I am what I say I am and that is really true for most people . I believe what I experience and I am content with who I am.

Andrew Evans

Doctor of Chiropractic

How did I become a healer? Recognition that we are not alone in the universe. Experimenting with states of consciousness. Seeing and experiencing is believing. We are all one within a matrix of Divine Love and it is through this matrix that we heal.

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