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Steve Williams White Fire Healer, Intuitive-Medium, Channel, Author, Coach.

Steve Williams

Richmond, Virginia

  • Location: United States
  • Healing Modality: Psychology

Tags: Advisor, Author, Channel, Classes, Coach, D.C., Healer, Intuitive, Medium, Psychic, Reiki, Teacher, United States, Virginia


My name is Steve Williams. I practice a healing modality called White Fire Healing. It is a healing modality that I learned directly from Spirit in 2011. It is a healing modality that I use to heal any physical, mental or emotional turmoil or pain. I have successfully worked with individuals with emotional imbalances, cancer, liver failure, sciatica and more. These can be done distantly or in person.

I am also an intuitive-medium, which means that I connect with you then your ancestors, spirit guides or loved ones that have passed on. I bring through healing, and guiding messages to deliver a more peaceful, direction-oriented and guided way of living.

I also do intuitive wellness coaching in order to bring clarity to one’s life and healing and direction where and when needed.

I am a past-life regressionist which means that I hypnotize you into remembering past life memories in order to explore, heal and uncover past-life traumas that have leaked into this life or just to gain insight into the inner workings of this life based upon previous life-times.

Lastly, I teach classes on Intuition Development here in Richmond Virginia.

Come heal with me!

Steve Williams

White Fire Healer, Medium, Channel, Author, Coach

Hello, My name is Steve. I practice a Healing Modality called White Fire Healing that I learned directly from Spirit in 2011. It is a powerful healing modality that I use to heal my clients of physical, mental and emotional turmoils and pains.

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