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Aura Energy Healer Heal and regain your physical, emotional and mental strength

Aura Energy Healer

Gokulam, Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA - 570002

  • Location: Bangalore
  • Healing Modality: Meditation, Crystal, Chakra, Psychotherapy

Tags: healing, refresh, inner journey, balance, peace, happy, yoga

Balance and Harmonise your energy to live a happy, beautiful and healthier life!

Energy Healing works with the body’s life force and self-recovering capacity. For the same reason, it is helpful with almost all kinds of health issues.

Pranic Psychotherapy is helpful for emotional and mental issues like Stress, Depression, Anxiety,  and Relationship issues.

Jacks Maliyakal

Healer and Life Energy Coach

A Spiritual enthusiast exploring old, new & proven sciences behind the evolution of the soul. Seeking the unknown with inner search and self-purification. Helping people with physical, emotional, mental and relationship issues.

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