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Nick Elisseos International Acro Yogi, Healer and Humanist

Nick Elisseos


  • Location: United Kindom
  • Healing Modality: Yoga, Acro Yoga

Tags: acro yoga, Healer, humanist, polarity therapy

Nick Elisseos. Arrived (born) 25 years ago in the inimitable New York City. International Acro Yoga instructor and humanist focusing on themes of loving communication and re-discovering one’s inner child through play.

Elisseos studied Yoga with Master teacher Bradelee Ferriot in San Diego, California along with Level 2 Acro Yoga instructor Mara Harris. He also had the opportunity to work at Deepak Chopra center before traveling abroad in a continuing voyage of self discovery.

Author of “Heart Breaking Open,” a book inspired by his 5 years’ experience working with youth in the US, Mexico and Haiti. Creative Director at Human Stories – Facebook: humanstoriesproject

Nick demonstrates his boundless energy every day by rock climbing, slacklining and practicing Acro Yoga with friends. “I strive to enjoy the gift of life in its fullest, and would like to share some of this enjoyment with you.”

Currently in London, UK.

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Nick Elisseos

Healer, Acro Yogi

Divine, human and animal. Acro Yogi, Polarity Thearpy, Healer, and Creative Director at Human Stories.

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