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Neera Sareen Tarot Expert, Wellness Coach, Spiritual Therapist

Neera Sareen

New Delhi, India

  • Location: New Delhi
  • Healing Modality: Crystal, Tarot, Dowsing, Color Therapy, Runes, Tea Leaf Reading, Coffee Cup Reading, Numerology

Tags: Angels, Aura Reading, Coffee cup reading, Color Bottle, Crystal Ball Gazing, Numerology, Runes, Tarot Cards, Tea leaf Reading, Wine Reading

Transforming Lives…. Neera Sareen is a Renowned International Master in Predictive & Intuitive Sciences, Life Coach & a Spiritual Healer for the last two decades.

Her expertise lies in practicing and teaching various modalities like Tarot Cards, Coffee cup & Tea leaf Reading, Color Bottle & Wine Reading, Crystal Ball Gazing, Runes, Angels, Numerology, Aura Reading etc.

As a Spiritual Healer, Neera extensively practices healing modalities like Reiki, Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Angel Healing, Aura & Chakra analysis with healing, Crystal healing, Affirmation Chanting & Manifestations through Mind Power. All of the modalities along with Counselling & Coaching sessions lead to wellness of Mind Body Heart & Spirit in totality.

Founder & Director of Karmic Centre for Occult & Holistic Studies, where Seminars, Workshops, Certified Courses, Modules and Training Prog are conducted in India & Abroad.

Founder of Karmic Soul- Light Centre, Where Signature programmes like…” A- 6 D Approach towards Self – Empowerment” and others are conducted incorporating Scientific & Spiritual Approaches for Corporates and all others.

Felicitated with many Prestigious Awards and has remained actively associated with TV channels, giving shows and Print media, writing articles in leading magazines. As an author she has for the first time introduced in India & Abroad, a theme based Tarot Deck for Tarot Lovers.

Founder of Karmic Group & IEE Module aiming towards teaching Self Growth leading to Transformation.

As a Life Coach, She is a leading Consultant and delivers Motivational Workshops to the HR & Organisational, Corporate Fraternity. She is a Facilitator—DC ( Directive Communication Psychology) She contributes whole heartedly to the society by taking up many social causes.


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