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Meditation Based Life Coach and Healer Life Navigation for Modern Professionals

Meditation Based Life Coach and Healer

38 ravenshaw street, London, NW6 1NW

  • Location: United Kindom
  • Healing Modality: Meditation

Tags: Healing, life coach, Meditation, Past Life Regression, tantra, third eye

– Third Eye Meditation,

-Past Life Regression,

-Desire Mapping and Inner Alchemy,

– 8 years practicioner experience,

– Qualified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor,

****3 Hour Intro Session £120 ****

Vision. Navigation. Transformation. Liberation.

This is the pathway to changing your life from the inside.

Our life as a successful modern profesional isn’t easy. For most of us, being successful in life isn’t always reflected in how we feel in our inner life. We still get lost and overwhelmed by our minds, our emotions and our desires. Our impulse to fix it is to find solace and distraction in the external world or to seek understanding with logical minds. It seems to help in the short term, but in the long run it never works. We become a mess inside, full of fear, guilt, and pain. Or worse, comfortably numb.

The surprising thing about inner work is how effective it is once you have the skills.

I will take you through the four steps, or gates, and teach you the techniques that give you direct experiences that will unlock your inner life. I’ll provide a simple frame work to put those experiences in to context so you can measure your progress. Best of all you will be able to use the techniques for yourself and continue your inner work on your own anytime you want so you can live your life from a place of connection, freedom and abundance.

It starts with learning how to develop and access your awareness that is focused, clear, and gives you vision to delve into your inner life. Through this you will receive deeper insight, impressions of the subtle body and world beyond the physical senses.

Then we’ll begin to navigate, unlock and transform the mental and emotional patterns that limit your life.

What then emerges are your real desires, separated from the conditioning and programming of your families and society to let your live in harmony with your true ‘will’.

Right from the start of the process you will learn to recognise and work with deeper states of your consciousness, and soul forces, to bring integrity and alignment to your life.

And then it will all make sense. I promise.

I normally work with clients on a six week basis. Each session lasts 2-3 hours and we explore mediation, past life regression, and desire mapping as well as the process of inner alchemy.  At the end of 6 weeks you can expect to understand and how to navigate and trasform you inner life for yourself.

Intro Session: £130

For clients of the HEALING NETWORK I offer an intro session which will include a third eye meditation, past life regression, and a short desire mapping practice. The intro will session is 3 hours. We can then decide if the 6 week program I offer is suitable for you, or we can continue bespoke session focusing on the different practices I offer.



Scott Murden

Meditation Based Life Coach

I'm a meditation based life coach teaching life navigation for modern professionals. Through meditation based practices I guide clients to navigate, transform and liberate their minds, emotions, and desires.

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