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Kate Taylor | Up Coaching Creative living on your own terms through #PracticalMagic

Kate Taylor | Up Coaching


  • Location: United Kindom
  • Healing Modality: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Chakra

Up Coaching’s Kate Taylor is a leading empowerment and creativity coach, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, Qoya teacher, writer, and speaker enabling women to seek out their ‘why’ so they can live a life on their own terms. She’s on a a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression in order to live well, work well, and feel good.

Up Coaching came to be amongst the long days and nights spent working in digital marketing agencies in London. Her clients included innocent, Revlon, Bobbi Brown, L’Oreal, and many others. The pace was fast, electric, and fuelled. In these highly-pressured creative environments the stakes are high, and where, as the saying goes ‘fortune favours the brave’.

Whilst there Kate noticed she was having the same conversations with clients and colleagues time and again – the big questions, the unanswered questions, the constant niggling doubts, the fear of being ‘found out’, the lost fights in the daily ego-battles – it all takes its toll. There’s so much that women don’t give themselves credit for, and it can result in being held back from living a truly fulfilled life; both in and out of work. Not to mention the dreams, and schemes for a fulfilled life where a creative or business idea can make a difference in the world. It’s a melting pot of confusion and overwhelm.

Kate knew that she wanted to help women to stand in their power and bring their ideas to life, so she re-trained as a life coach, NLP practitioner and Qoya teacher and combined with her business knowledge she helps women across the world through her unique blend of Practical Magic.

Kate is a celebrated speaker and blogger, writing for her own and many other publications including Huffington Post, where she shares her perspective on living well, working well, embracing creativity, and living a life full of purpose and colour. She lives to support creative business women through her Celebrating Creativity series. When not speaking, coaching or writing, she curates events designed around Making Positive Changes in Brighton and London.

When not helping women to live creatively, Kate can be found experimenting with hair colour, getting over-excited about creative collaborations, hosting retreats throughout the world and being inspired by people, places and things.

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Kate Taylor

Creativity & Empowerment Coach

Kate Taylor is a leading empowerment and creativity coach & NLP practitioner enabling you to seek out their ‘why’ so you can live a creative life on your own terms. She’s on a a one-woman-mission to help others live life full of creative expression.

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