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Holistic Emotional Healer Counselor for the Sensitive Soul

Holistic Emotional Healer

Spokane, WA USA

  • Location: United States
  • Healing Modality: Color Therapy

Being a sensitive soul can at times feel like an incredible burden. The sensitive soul can experience the world as busy, loud, and overwhelming. This can lead to anxiety and depression. Yet the sensitive soul has an incredible gift to offer this world when his or her trauma is healed and the spiritual gift behind it is identified. Every experience in life holds a spiritual gift. Difficult times can lead the vast wisdom within to real itself. I utilize the practice of mindfulness to allow the inner wisdom of each individual to rise to the surface and shine forth.

My training is in a modality called Hakomi which is a Body-Centered Psychotherapy that utilizes mindfulness and body awareness based on Eastern Philosophy. Hakomi has a principle of “organicity” that states: when all parts are communicating with the whole, the system is self-directing and self-correcting, and has an inner wisdom of his own. In Hakomi we support our clients’ organix unfolding toward wholeness, and trust that this is the direction that their system will naturally seek. Sitting in mindfulness with another can be an exquisite and delicious experience allowing the client to feel completely seen and heard. Once completely met in conscious awareness the client can relax and blossom into the flower of her true potential.

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