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Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst Release that which no longer serves you!

Healing Resonance llc with Kristi Borst

54 Main Street, Topsfield, Ma

  • Location: United States
  • Healing Modality: Reiki, Spiritual Alchemy, Karma, Chakra, Theta Healing, Angel Healing, Alchemy, Polarity Therapy

Tags: ascension, chakra balancing, chakra clearing, distance healing, drug free pain relief, emotional intuitive, empowerment, energy balancing, Energy Healing, energy medicine, enlightenement, medical intuitive, physical alchemy, quantum touch, spiritual healing

I work on an intuitive, highly connected level with what others have called “a healing gift”. I hold the space of unconditional love in which others essentially reconnect to their own healing, balance and wholeness. I am able to positively affect body, mind, spirit and emotions. I was born with this amazing ability to connect to and work with/as/through Universal Source Energy (Healing Love). I’ve been trained in a number of energy healing methodologies including Reiki, the Oneness Blessing, Quantum Touch®, and EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Balancing Technique®. Yet, I largely work with my own modality, Perspective Reboot®.  I allow Divine Love and Light to work through me as me. I am thrilled to have reclaimed my purpose and to assist others as my abilities continue to blossom.

“Because of the Blocks [Kristi] Removed, It Has Caused an Avalanche of Opportunity to Come My Way … “ READ MORE

Perhaps you don’t have long-term concerns and are just seeking relief from stress. While many turn to massage to relax and relieve stress, an intuitive energy session will provide relaxation on multiple and deeper layers. During the session, you will reconnect with your own internal sense of calm, balance and centeredness. Maintaining that balance will become easier with repeated sessions. So is true with healing sessions … the work is cumulative.

In-person sessions are not the only option! I have equal success with remote (long-distance) healing sessions in which client is in her/his home and we’re connected via telephone or skype. Even with this separation we are connected, and most clients can feel/sense their energy moving. In fact, many people who have never even been aware of energy can feel the healing sensations.

I have also learned through a 13-week radio show with live healings I offered through Transformation Talk Radio that my healing energy is still as effective if recorded. Therefore, I offer some targeted on-demand sessions. To date these focus on the specific chakra areas of the body/mind/spirit/soul.

I do not offer same-day booking of appointments unless it’s for post-surgical or post-injury trauma release and accelerated healing sessions. Advanced appointment needed for one-to-one sessions (whether in-person or via telephone) along with completion of a digital intake form. I see clients in person in Wells, Maine, and in Topsfield, Ma.

Thank you for considering working with me. It is time to be hopeful and believe in miracles. If you are ready to unlock the lid, I can help you let go of the junk in the trunk!

The third image here shows my “Energy-in-Form” Love-based Healing Artwork.

Kristi Borst

Spiritual Emotional Quantum Energy Healer and Teacher

Integrative Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotions healing at the quantum level. In-person and distance sessions for release of mental/emotional/spiritual/physical pain, trauma, self-limiting beliefs. Claim more joy and wellness NOW!

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