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Ben-LifeChanger It is not the things we do in life that we regret, It is the things we do not.


9 Rodborough road NW11 8SA

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  • Location: United Kindom
  • Healing Modality: Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Alchemy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Human Design, Alchemy

Tags: benlifechanger, crossfit, fitness, Healer, humandesign, life, lifechanger, lifecoach, lifestyle, london, personaltrainer, shaman, starseed, vegan, Yoga

I’m a consultant and conference leader for personal development & motivational speaking & spiritual awakening. I’m offering some spiritual counselling sessions, workshop and talk.

I’m traveling around the world, since almost 10 years and following an alchemy and shamanic way to help people align with their bodies and essence.

With a lot of love inside my heart I’m caring about every humans, animals and nature.

As a Spiritual Warrior, LifeChanger, and powerful Catalyst, I’m a Starseed, from the Pleiadian & Arcturian System,

I speak about whatever is going on with Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, the Power of Now, Love, Happiness, LightBody Upgrades, Light Activations, Awakening, Ascension, Consciousness, Opening Hearts, Letting Go of OLD Earth Programming, DNA, Quantum Jumping, the Unified Field, The Quantum Field, Everything new Earth now !

I focus to « seed » new systems of light originating from the « stars » , raise up the frequency of the earth and grow up the humans race in a world full of Love, Joy, Abundance. I create a massive shift in your consciousness

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Ben Torre

Spiritual Counselling - Alternative Healing - Holistic Personal Trainer

Once you reach the point that you even bore yourself with your own BS/story, you'll let go and opt for authenticity as a way of life. No more excuses. No more hiding. Welcome to your awakening !

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    So Great

    I met Ben completely by chance. Actually, he came to me, like a little angel coming through my life to spread some light in my head and making it staying there 🙂 It was first in London, lots of talking, lots of laughing and lots of pancakes too haha ! He analysed so well and could read so easily what I had deep hidden in my heart, I must said I was shocked and almost cried (and I’m quite proud I didn’t on this first meeting coz you can be almost 100% sure that the first time you’ll meet Ben, you’ll be both shocked and crying at some point) ! I’m really into self development since those last 2 years. I have the feeling that I put myself in a box : my heart just want to break it up but my mind stop it on time. Such a hard work to overtake our own fears and certainty to be who we really are. Ben is part of those people who help me getting there. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for this !!!!!!

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    Open my Mind

    One day, while I was standing around in the lounge at the health club I used to work at, one of the new personal trainers waved me over to sit with him. Little did I know that he was about to have a huge impact on my life. A nice casual chat soon evolved into a deep and profound discussion about life and all its meaning. I could write a small book about the experience as a whole, but since I doubt there’s space here for all the detail I’ll just skip to the most important part, the part where he opened my mind to what I actually wanted out of life. I’d felt it before but never had I looked directly at it with wide open eyes. Since that conversation I have quit that job, given up my flat in London, moved from London to attend yoga teacher training in Estonia and Helsinki, Finland, and I am currently planning my journey as a traveling yogi. Would I have gotten here without that conversation? Maybe… Maybe not… Maybe later on in life… Who knows… I’d like to think this was
    always in the book for me but I’ll never know. What I do know for sure is that this personal trainer ended up doing a lot more than giving tips on fitness and nutrition and I’m forever grateful for having crossed paths with him. Ben, thank you, anyone who comes across you in their life is lucky. Namaste my friend 🙂

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    Deep change

    I met Ben at the start of what would be one of the biggest transitions of my life.
    He spent a long time working with me to release mental and spiritual blockages which enabled to rebalance and refocus my life.
    Without Ben, I truly believe I would have still been living my life through the conditioning that society and individuals had placed on me, rather than my true self with drive and purpose.
    I am eternally grateful to him for finding me.

    Love you deeply Ben

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    Amazing session !

    Ben is seriously amazing and truly lives up to his name! (life changer). I felt really comfortable with him which made it easier for me to open up and let go. He helped me shed light on things I’ve been keeping buried away, and I absolutely LOVE the human design method he uses. In just one session with Ben I know I have attained memories and lessons I will carry with me for a life time. Merci beaucoup, Ben

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