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Affirmative Academy Raise Yourself

Affirmative Academy

Mumbai, India

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Healing Modality: Crystal, Karma, Dowsing, Color Therapy, Chakra, Numerology, Psychology, Human Design


At Affirmative Academy, Science lays the foundation to our approach to Spirituality and Healing where we create and provide a supportive & non-judgmental space to help you create what you want for yourself.

Below are our healing modalities that help you uncover & heal what keeps you from reaching your full potential & living a fulfilling life.


The biggest misconception with Gemstones is that they don’t suit everyone. Truth is, all Gems suit everyone, and anyone can wear any gem.

So how does a Gem work? For instance, A Yellow Sapphire energizes your digestive tract & improves your appetite for not just food but also success, wealth & health.

If you were ever told that a Yellow Sapphire will not suit you, are they telling you that you don’t have a digestive tract? This knowledge of how Gem works on your body combined with the skill to identify and source an effective Gem, lays the foundation for GEM THERAPY. Without this knowledge, going to a Jeweller for your Gemstone, would be like asking your pharmacist for a diagnosis.



NAME THERAPY© (Copyright, Sorav International) is a patented process that allows you to re-pattern your Name’s vibrations without changing its spelling.

Your Name, like a mantra is a sound current that influences everything around you and impacts all that is about to unfold. Name Therapy© breaks negative patterns held in your Name and helps you acquire greater momentum and life purpose. A licensed Name Therapy Synergist© accesses information from your body-mind system hidden in your name to identify unconscious material that limits your wellness and well-being and helps you create what you want for yourself.

The end result of Name Therapy© – an identity that vibrates seamlessly at the universal frequency of Success, Health and Wealth.

So join us, and step into the New Age of Healing.

Affirmative Academy

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