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The Healing Network™ Team

Helping bring alternative healing practices and practitioners to the masses


A passionate team of healers bring healing to you.

Founded by a Healer and a Yogi (Mother & Son), The Healing Network was formed with the mission of bringing alternative healing practices, practitioners, and medicine to the masses. The goal is simply to create a global directory of healers, searchable by location and healing technique, and to promote alternative healing thru Healers’ Fairs and other events across the globe, whilst providing a platform for healers from around the world to network, grow and enhance their personal journey.

Meet the team:



Yogi & Founder

AkshĀnanda (Akshay) is a Yogi, Healer and Tech Entrepreneur, he’s spent over a decade exploring the ultimate truth via meditation and esoteric healing practices.

Nilu Shakti

Nilu Shakti

Healer & Co-Founder

Nilu Shakti is a Master Healer & Teacher of over 20 years. She has initiated many seekers across the globe. Her mission is to promote healing worldwide.